Thursday, February 28, 2008

working into the night

It is getting colder tonight, but we are making good progess and having a great time at the World Ice Art Championships. We've had to abandon our plan A design (and even plan B) due to a variety of problems including gear cutting difficulties and poor ice quality. We had one large gear mysteriously break over night, perhaps due to cracks in the original block. Our block has many cracks this year. I guess this year's ice just isn't that great because we've seen other blocks that are much worse than ours.

We have made some small gears successfully, and we are well on our way toward completing an alternate design. Most of our new tools have performed admirably this year, and we'll continue to use them tomorrow until the horn sounds at 9:00 PM.

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Anonymous said...

I am excited to see your blog and webcam. I am sharing your project with my classes. Good luck !