Monday, July 02, 2012

Handing Over the Reins

Dominic Spill is now the lead developer of Project Ubertooth. I am so excited that he has agreed to take on the job!

A little over a year ago I packed hundreds of Ubertooth Ones into boxes and shipped them to my generous Kickstarter backers. Since then, I have worked to improve the Ubertooth software, but it has been hard to devote as much time to the project as I would like while simultaneously concentrating on other projects to keep Great Scott Gadgets going. A few months ago I realized I simply wouldn't be able to accomplish my goals unless I could get some help, so I started talking to Dominic about taking over. Thanks to everyone who has purchased Ubertooth One and the Throwing Star LAN Tap, we have finally made the arrangement a reality.

Dominic has been involved in Project Ubertooth since before it was Project Ubertooth. His work on gr-bluetooth and his paper with Andrea Bittau were the starting point for my early Bluetooth research, and Dominic and I made great strides together in a short period of time before presenting our results at ShmooCon 2009. As I started working on developing a low cost platform for Bluetooth monitoring, Dominic was there at every step along the way. His many behind-the-scenes contributions helped make Project Ubertooth what it is today.

Dominic's first task is to review a number of code contributions and modifications since the last software release and to make a new release. After that, he will focus on adding new features such as frequency hopping. Meanwhile he will be the primary person handling questions on the mailing list and coordinating contributions from other developers. I will continue to be involved (you can often catch us both on #ubertooth at, but Dominic is the lead developer going forward.

Thanks to everyone who has supported the project for helping us make this happen! We will do our best to make Project Ubertooth better than ever.