Wednesday, February 20, 2008

less than one week to go

Although our task list for the next few days is daunting, we are making great progress in our preparations for Ice Art 2008. Lars has finished building a trailer that will help us transport all our equipment and will also provide a relatively warm environment for heat cutting should the weather be extremely cold. He has also been hard at work on drill bits, the slab machine, and various other tools. I started and nearly finished the drill laser guidance system tonight and have a few other projects to finish (not the least of which is packing!) before heading to Fairbanks this Saturday.

The weather in Fairbanks has been unusually warm lately - so much so that Lars has had difficulty testing tools because of temperatures above freezing. It is supposed to cool off this weekend. With any luck, the forecasters will be right and we will have highs in the teens next week.

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