Tuesday, February 26, 2008

and we're off!

The Single Block Classic began at 9:00 this morning, and we are carving our block to bits! We are on camera this year. Check out the web cam for our site throughout the next three days, or stop by for a visit if you are lucky enough to be enjoying the Fairbanks winter. The temperature is currently slightly above 0°F, which is much, much friendlier than last year. As of Tuesday lunch, we are on schedule.

Unfortunately it has been more difficult this year for me to get photos online, but the web cam should fill the gap a bit. Also, Dan is here taking a lot of pictures again, and I'm sure he'll be happy to share some for the blog when we have a little time to devote to the project.

So far we have sliced off a new face on the front end of our block and taken three slabs out from the rear portion. We've also marked axle hole drilling locations on the front face that is quite planar thanks to the chainsaw guide rails that Lars bolted right into the ice. This afternoon I'll be roughing out the gears and flywheel while Lars gets started on the axles. The lathe is just to the right of the web cam view, but we'll see if we can get the camera position adjusted.

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