Wednesday, March 01, 2006

heavy lifting

Our block is 93 inches by 59 inches by 42 inches which means that the zoom boom had to lift about 7660 pounds. Our site (now #16 after a re-numbering that took place today) is surrounded by trees, so Connie, the driver, wasn't able to lay the block down on our timbers like we wanted. She did, however, deftly remove the block from our site, tip it on its side, and re-deliver it in a pretty good spot for us.

Most of the teams want their block placed in a particular way so that it can be sculpted in a good viewing position, but we chose to place ours in the back corner of our site. We are going to carve slabs off of the block, cut parts out of them, machine them, and assemble the clock at the other side of the site.

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