Wednesday, March 01, 2006

Fairbanks sunrise

Compared to last night, -4°F and sunshine are incredibly invigorating. We got a good start this morning, but we've run into problems this afternoon. It is too difficult to align slab cuts from opposite sides of the block, so Lars is off looking for a bigger chainsaw bar. We found that a belt sander works very well on ice. We thought it would alleviate our slab cutting difficulties, but the sander started having trouble. A weld broke on the drill press carriage, a design flaw is preventing the gear tooth cutter from making the smallest gears correctly (although we can fudge the process pretty well), and some parts forgotten at Belfair are preventing us from making any gears other than the smallest.

It is supposed to be cold again tonight, but not quite as cold as last night. The high tomorrow is predicted to be 10°F.

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