Friday, March 03, 2006


During the final minute before the horn sounded at 9:00, we brushed snow off of the sculpture and used a blow torch to make the clock face transparent enough to allow visibility of the interior gear teeth. We took a step back and noticed that the entire piece, with the exception of the pedestal and the little gear perched on top, was made on Thursday. Most of it had been assembled during the eleventh hour (actually the fifty-ninth hour).

The sculpture is over six feet tall but used very little of our original ice block. The gears engage and turned a little, but an alignment problem caused by poor drilling made it apparent that continuous turning would result in disaster.

Our idea for this alternative design was to create an interactive sculpture that allows people to use the crank to turn the hour hand on the clock, but we decided to waterglue the parts together to prevent rotation and subsequent breakage.

Quite a few sculptors dropped by during clean-up to congratulate us and express dismay at the removal of all of our insane equipment. One said that he already had some people willing to pool a few dollars a day each to pay us to stay and keep using our tools! Although the offer was tempting, total exhaustion convinced us to continue loading the truck and head back to Belfair for ice cream, Atari, and a long night's slumber.

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