Tuesday, February 28, 2006

gentlemen, start your chainsaws

The Single Block Classic is now underway! Lars was disappointed not to hear a starting gun and a "symphony of chainsaws" at 9:00 AM. I guess this sort of thing starts slowly. A little over an hour into the event, we are still waiting for the zoom boom to get around to our site (#17) and re-orient our ice block to our specifications. We placed some timbers on the ground last night and leveled them this morning so that the block will be mostly level but leaning just slightly away from the side we will cut. We're hoping this will minimize the chance of having 450 pound slabs fall on us!

I'm typing this on a PC in the Ice Art warming hut. It is a good way to exercise my fingers out of the -13°F outside air. It's a shame I don't know how to type with my toes.

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Anonymous said...


Hope you have a great time in Alaska. May your lines be straight...your ice be firm...your feet be warm.

Bast wishes, Rich Cohan