Sunday, February 05, 2006


The prototype gear tooth cutter is less precise than I would like (which is one of the reasons I'm starting to call it a prototype). I've tried to do the best job I can making the parts, using threads to center the sprocket assemblies, for example. Unfortunately I don't own a drill press, and that has been the biggest factor limiting my precision. It sure is hard to make holes through metal in exactly the right spot with a hand drill. I thought about buying a press, but so far everything is good enough for a prototype.

The other reason I'm calling this a prototype is that it will probably be quite expensive to ship the whole contraption to Alaska. It looks like it may cost $25 each way to ship the circular saw alone (a $38 item that is most likely available for sale in Fairbanks). Instead of shipping it, I think I'll ask Lars to build a second gear tooth cutter after his return. I'll refine the prototype as much as possible, and then he can make the parts more precisely in his shop. (He owns a drill press and is much more experienced with metal in general.) I'll just bring a few key components such as the sprockets and starter gear.

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