Thursday, February 23, 2006

extended forecast

It is starting to look like the weather will be favorable with highs around 15° to 20°F. This is slightly cooler than ideal ice carving conditions, but it certainly could be a lot worse. Too warm, and the ice melts; too cold, and it gets very brittle.

Steve Munk, an old friend and roommate, writes that "the roads have been nightmarishly icy all week. Like skating rinks all over town." I'll have to bring my skates.

In our correspondence this week, Steve helped me get over my sticker shock at the cost of printing a couple dozen 5' by 3' paper templates at a Fairbanks print shop. It turns out that the cost isn't really that much more than they pay at ARSC. Steve also writes, "I have a suggestion. Make the bushings out of ice. It's slippery. ;)"


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