Monday, January 09, 2006


Immediately after signing us up for Ice Art, Lars had to leave for a job somewhere in the frozen wilderness of the Kamchatka Peninsula. He said he'll return in two to four weeks. Hopefully he's making lots of money that we can blow on crazy ice sculpting equipment! I'm sure he's coming up with more ideas for the clock. His job is to work on big stuff (slab cutting, lifting, and moving) while I work on small stuff (part templates and gear teeth). My current challenge is to build a gear tooth cutting machine. I've had a rough idea of how such a thing should work for a few months, but I need to develop a final design and actually build it. We'll have three days to build the clock, and 264 gear teeth (not counting the 15 teeth on the escape wheel) to carve during that time. With everything else we'll have to do, I figure we can't afford to spend more than 2 minutes on each tooth.

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