Wednesday, February 06, 2013

Jawbreaker Components Ready to Ship

The last components needed for the HackRF Jawbreaker beta production are now ready to ship to China for manufacturing. Unfortunately some additional delay caused us to run into Chinese New Year (bane of electronics designers), so the parts will not be shipped until after the extended holiday. This means that assembly will start around the end of February. I should have the finished boards in March.

Meanwhile work continues on the software. We have fixed a few bugs and now are able to operate at 16 million quadrature samples per second (and still hoping for a little more). Currently, thanks to Benjamin Vernoux and helpful denizens of our IRC channel, we are fixing some bugs in libhackrf on Windows. Although our primary development focus is on Linux, we hope to support other popular operating systems too.

The delay has given me time to focus on some other projects as well. It is going to be a fun year!


Unknown said...

I can't wait. I have been watching Hak5 and someday I will go to one of the major conferences but I want to go there with a chat client that takes advantage of gpg and hackrf to provide a way to communicate.

j said...

Cant wait.

Anonymous said...

Throwing my wallet at my laptop now

Anonymous said...

I'v been following the hackRF informations since june'12.
Do we have a beta program here?
How can we attend to it if there's any way?
Didn't see any informations about it
Do we have to wait til next Toorcon in October?
Thank you for all your efforts.
Maybe 2013 will be a great year but, for sure, Jawbreaker'll be a big hit!

Unknown said...

Is there any I can secure my own officially released hackRF as soon as it is available?

Anonymous said...

I'm very interested in this.

Just some words... would this thing interface with something such as ham it up v1 (a 100mhz crystal controlled n upconverter down converter transverter) which increases frequency by 100mhz so that basically you can receive 10 MHz at 110mhz and 20mhz at 120mhz etc.. it seems like ham it up and other variants are the natural addition to your project to have full band spread. Likewise, I am wondering if you have a good linear amplifier option. I am looking at ams that mostly have spread from about 1mhz to 1000 or 10-2000 etc.. is there a good solution for high gain? I'd love to beta test this thing. I'm currently looking for an sdr transmitter from dc-hopefully to 1000mhz - higher wouldn't hurt. None the less your price point and device seem like a good upgrade to my dongles, but I'm wondering if you have a transmitter only option as I'd like to tx cause I already have the dongles for rx. I'd also like to put this product up at my storefront of cool things when it is available -- still being assembled but let me know if you are ok with me posting it up.

Omer Ansari said...

Have been following hackrf on github, saw some recent diff activity which pulled me into reading your blog

good to hear about progress on the HW front Michael!

Anonymous said...

Looks at blog post, looks at calendar... Looks at blog post, looks at calendar...

Anonymous said...

excited to know its coming

Anonymous said...

the money for a hack rf is burning a hole in my pocket :) I need one now :)

Anonymous said...

Michael can we get an update? Seriously, you don't seem to understand the anticipation we have for this device! Its actually cruel and mean leaving us without a March update!

Omer Ansari said...

Hi Michael. Can you post an update on your blog re: hackrf? I know there has been recent development activity around the C code.

Anonymous said...

Cant wait for more info and of course the end product!

Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

when will the beta start?
pls respond

Anonymous said...

Update PLEASE. :)

Anonymous said...

Read Mike's twitter for more up to date info on HackRF:

Michael Ossmann ‏@michaelossmann 16 Apr

@maassive I'm expecting the first dozen beta boards on Friday for my testing/approval. The rest should follow quickly.

Anonymous said...

Any word on what to do with the code yet?

Michael Ossmann said...

Sorry to leave everyone hanging for so long. Registration is now open.

Michael Ossmann said...

Anonymous: Yes, I believe Ham It Up should work well with Jawbreaker. I have one and intend to test it soon.

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