Thursday, October 25, 2012

Announcing the HackRF Beta

Jared Boone and I had the honor of presenting the keynote at ToorCon 14 over the weekend. In our talk, HackRF: A Low Cost Software Defined Radio Platform, we described our project to build a low cost, open source, wideband, portable Software Defined Radio peripheral. You can watch video of the presentation or download the slides.

In addition to introducing HackRF to the ToorCon audience, we announced the HackRF beta test program. Thanks to DARPA's Cyber Fast Track (CFT) program, we are able to build a few hundred HackRF Jawbreakers and will distribute them to ToorCon attendees as soon as they are completed (hopefully around December). Each attendee of ToorCon 14 (and also the recent GNU Radio Conference) received a unique beta invitation code that can be redeemed for a Jawbreaker as soon as the hardware is ready to ship.

Jared and I are very excited to be able to give away so many beta units. I'm not sure if any open source hardware project has had such a well funded beta program, but we think that giving away hardware in exchange for feedback (and hopefully some code) is a good trade in keeping with open source ideals.

If you have an invitation code, look for an announcement on the HackRF page around December telling you how to redeem your code for a Jawbreaker. I know there are many of you out there who wish you had an invitation code, and I'm sorry that our funding for the beta program is finite! The redemption system, once it is live, will include a way to sign up for a waiting list if you do not have a code. There will probably be some extra beta units that we will distribute to as many on the waiting list as we can.

My hope for the beta program is to validate HackRF Jawbreaker, resulting in a well-tested open source design that anyone can build or modify. I also plan to release a commercial HackRF product (similar to Jawbreaker) that will be available for purchase after the beta.

Thanks for all the kind words of support at ToorCon and since!


Mr Mookie said...

You tricked me. I thought I could join the beta at this link. haha

Michael Ossmann said...

Sorry! This is just letting non-ToorCon people know what is going on.

Curd Rice Aurora said...

Same as Mr Mookie. Argh.

Anonymous said...

Looking forward for the final result

Anonymous said...

Watched the toorcon video on youtube. Great stuff! I've been dabbling with one of the cheap USB tuner dongles and SDR is a lot of fun. Being able to transmit is beyond awesome. Any change you guys will set up a kickstarter in the near future?

Unknown said...

I really want to be a part of this project. I know I'm not yet up to par on the tech. But I'm digging deep into the field itself. So I'll be following closely.

Anonymous said...

Soooooooo.... when can us plebes buy one?!

Derek said...

Great project guys.
Can't wait to get one and start experimenting.


Michael Ossmann said...

Thanks for the support, everyone. If the beta goes well, watch for commercial availability in Q2 2013.

Unknown said...

Can you make a mailing list? That's the easiest way for my colleagues and I to stay informed on this.

Michael Ossmann said...

Major announcements about HackRF will be made on the Great Scott Gadgets announcements mailing list.

Dr.Tune said...

Niiiice! I was looking at the schematic and the Maxim RF+ADCDAC, thinking "...wha? 2.4Ghz only? Meh!"

...and then I saw the last page and the RFFC5072 - now there's the rug that's really going to tie the room together. :-)

Lovely design; totally want a pair. Mmm mmm!

Cory Walker said...

I will definitely be picking one of these up. Keep up the amazing work. Cheers from UTK.

Anonymous said...

Hmm I wonder how difficult it would be to increase the bitrate on this, as it is the only feature looking less than ideal right now for some operations.

None the less I'm eagerly keeping an eye on this one.

will a

Anonymous said...

Hello dear Michael. Sorry for reiterating all the previous posts, but still. When the device will be available for purchazing and what`s the easiest way to obtain it ?

Michael Ossmann said...

For current information on HackRF availability, please see:

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