Tuesday, March 03, 2009

Star Crossed

After four years of developing tools and techniques, three gloves and mittens cut by angle grinders, two broken slabs of ice intended for moving parts, one tool confiscated by the TSA, and zero broken beaks, we completed Star Crossed. The sculpture features a realistic penguin on the left and a mechanical penguin on the right. It is the first working mechanical ice sculpture that we have completed in the Single Block Classic.

The head of the realistic penguin is shown in this detail photo. We used two textures: scratched and transparent.

This shot shows the mechanism on edge. The head piece rotates on the upper axle and has a long slot that extends downward. The key on the lower axle turns a cam with a lug that rides along the slot. You can watch a video of the mechanism in action.

We carved Star Crossed in three days and had a great time doing it. Thanks to all the volunteers and sculptors at Ice Alaska who make the experience a fun one every year. Thanks to Sharon Hansen for the shooting the photos and video.

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Those are amazing!