Saturday, February 17, 2007

oh, for a giant chainsaw

Lars: "I was up in a balloon the other day when the chainsaw store called to tell me that the saw and Handburger Helper Handle was there, but then the balloon came crashing down the next day when they told me that the bar won't fit on the engine! They are '100% positive' that they've got another one that fits it, and can get it up by the 19th, so that's where we are. If that fails, I'm going to demand that they become one of our corporate sponsors, and give us the longest barred saw that they have during the contest in exchange for advertising. Maybe we'll have a corporate sponsor!"

Hopefully they'll get us a chainsaw with a 40 inch or longer bar in time for the competition. If not, we'll have to resort to hot wire slab cutting or cutting the slabs from both sides with a shorter saw like we did last year. We spent too much time trying to align the cuts last year, though. If we have to use that method this year, we'll probably settle for rougher cuts and then smooth the slabs with a large nailboard.

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