Wednesday, October 17, 2012

Programming Pink Pagers in Style

After two and a half years of programming the IM-Me by soldering wires to the test points in the battery compartment, I finally got around to making a GoodFET/IM-Me spring pin adapter. I call it GIMME. Now I can install my spectrum analyzer application or any other firmware onto an IM-Me by simply removing the batteries and pressing the GIMME against the test points while the attached GoodFET does all the tricky stuff. GIMME is designed with KiCad. You can find the design files in the contrib directory of the GoodFET repo.

To mark this occasion, I decided it was high time to post the video from my talk with Travis Goodspeed at ToorCon 12, Real Men Carry Pink Pagers. It was probably the most fun I've ever had giving a talk at a hacker con. Maybe it was the song. Maybe it was the bourbon in pink shot glasses. Maybe it was the total lack of preparation resulting from Travis injuring himself the day before. Maybe it was the ridiculous T-shirt Nick DePetrillo made me wear. (I still haven't figured out how to get him back. I don't believe it is possible to embarrass the man.)

With ToorCon 14 coming up, I decided to have several GIMME PCBs made to give away. If you see me at the con this weekend and would like one, just ask. I also took it upon myself to make some GoodFET41 boards since Travis won't be around being his usual Johnny Appleseed of open source hardware. Plus, I will have a GIMME and GoodFET available to borrow, so bring that IM-Me that has been sitting in a drawer with factory firmware!


j said...

Is there any to purchase the Gimme or GoodFET in a kit or assembled?

Michael Ossmann said...

You can get bare GoodFET PCBs from GIMME PCBs are also available there, at least for a limited time.

j said...

Anonymous said...

Is the GIMME PCB design file available anywhere?

Anonymous said...

Took me a minute to find the PCB designs; but Google and Twitter helped:

Thank you! - scr1ptk1tt3n

Anonymous said...

Is there a parts list for the mini toggle switch and LEDs?

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