Tuesday, February 23, 2010

first break

My coffee started to freeze, so it must be time for our first break of the event. After a stop at the school this morning for Lars to brief his sub, we arrived at Ice Park with just about enough time to set up our scaffolding before the starting horn sounded. Since then we've been drilling the axle holes and marking the block for the imminent attack of the giant chainsaw.

The webcams are not accessible from the Ice Alaska web site yet, but you haven't missed much. All we've done to our block so far is to drill holes into it from the rear and mark up the sides. When the webcam is up, it should be accessible from here. Hey, it looks like Junichi and Heather are carving an octopus. I bet they made sucker bits too! Weird. Last year it seemed that everybody was carving birds, including us, so I guess we've been assimilated into the collective consciousness.

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