Tuesday, June 10, 2014

Interview on Security Weekly

I had a great time talking with Paul and company on the Episode 376 of the Security Weekly Podcast. We talked a little about HackRF, but most of the discussion was about Ubertooth and Bluetooth security. This conversation prompted me to write a full description of how we recover Bluetooth UAPs by passive monitoring with Ubertooth.


captnmnt said...

I need some help---I have been 'away' (medical prob); I'm a supporter of your (original) HackRF and upconverter; my original email is defunkt. I can find NO way to contact KickStarter and would like play around with the HackRF. Any help you can provide would be appreciated.

Thanks, Neil (new) e-mail is captnmnt@bevcomm.net2282

Michael Ossmann said...

captmnt: Please email me at mike@ossmann.com, and I'll try to help you resolve your problem.

Louisse said...

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Sharmayne said...

your interview is such a big help and I learned a lot from it. thanks
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