Friday, January 10, 2014

HackRF Present and Future

At CSAW THREADS in November I gave a talk about the present and future of the HackRF project (video). I reviewed the new HackRF One design, and then I showed all sorts of different things that people are already doing with HackRF Jawbreaker. It's pretty exciting to see all the applications that people are coming up with!


Bob said...

So, when are these things going to be for sale? I missed the Beta, and the Kickstarter backing.

Garrett said...

So excited to get my hands on one of these. Any anticipated release date for the One.

Michael Ossmann said...

Bob, Garrett: Please see for information on HackRF availability.

Anonymous said...

(1)Would you consider making HackRF a digital front end for upscale old fashioned radios like the AOR AR 3000A:
(2) How do I get HackRF working with DECT? See:

Anonymous said...

Hi Michael,

Theoretically, would it be possible to make private GSM network using HackRF Full Duplex + embedeed linux device (billing, switchboard etc.) ?

Please can you tell me what is the transmission distance of HackRF device connected to USB?

Is there a plan of introducing external power?

Ivica from Croatia

Anonymous said...

Can 1 HackRF be a GSM base station using OpenBTS?

Michael Ossmann said...


(1) HackRF One has an analog baseband expansion interface. It is possible to connect that interface to older radios.

(2) There is some DECT code on CGRAN:

Someone recently expressed interest in DECT on the hackrf-dev mailing list:

Michael Ossmann said...

Anonymous and Anonymous:

It is probably possible to implement a GSM basestation with a pair of HackRF Ones, but this is unproven.

Transmission distance depends on many factors, one of which is transmit power. There are some transmit power details here:

In general, HackRF One is useful for transmission across a room, not across a city.

There is a pin header on HackRF One that permits external power supply. Additionally, you can power HackRF One with a USB power supply.

electron said...

Would this board work with sdr touch on a nexus7 tablet?

Michael Ossmann said...

electron: You'd have to ask the developer of the application. HackRF support can be added via libhackrf.