Thursday, February 26, 2009


It is the morning of the final day of competition. Last night we stopped a bit early (?) and made it back to Belfair around 11:00. Lars made lesson plans while I sharpened chisels. (Thanks for the diamond stone, mom and dad!) Actually, Lars made lesson plans while I had a beer (Belfair home brew) and played guitar. Then I stayed up a couple hours after him to sharpen chisels, and I'm glad I did! I made short work of the head first thing this morning, and I did it all with two freshly sharpened chisels. Meanwhile Lars taught a pre-calculus class and has now arrived at the warming hut to join me in a mid-morning snack. (Unlimited coffee and doughnuts!) We didn't get much sleep last night, but at least we didn't spend the entire night carving ice like a few of the other sculptors.

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