Thursday, January 18, 2007

chainsaw table mount

I tested a new table mount for my little, electric chainsaw tonight. It is made of steel flats and some nuts and bolts, and it allows the chainsaw to be used like a table saw but with more cutting depth.

My first use for it will be to precisely cut experimental ice chimes, but it may be handy during the competition as well. I also hope to use it to mill some boards from any trees I have to cut down this summer due to beetle kill.

The initial tests went very well. If Lars's 10", stationary, ice cutting, rotary bit doesn't make it redundant, I think we will find it quite useful.

It worked very well for cutting arcs and discs by inserting an axle perpendicular to the table-top and rotating the ice around the axle.


Avery said...

I bought Dewalt DW175 miter saw two months ago. I have problem with cutting board 90 degree. Do you think I use table miter saw improve cutting boar? I want to d├ęcor crib for my daughter

Tammy said...

I jus bought a new saw. I think this be useful for you too
Before each use, run a quick safety check on the saw. Be sure the lower blade guard retracts smoothly and snaps back when released. Check the blade for chipped or broken teeth; replace the blade if you find any damage. On corded saws, inspect the power cord for cracks. If using a cordless saw, make sure the battery is fully charged. Remember to unplug the cord or remove the battery before loosening, tightening, or changing the blade.

Piers Lyman said...

You should knonw where you would use the chainsaw before buying one.
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